Beard conditioning spray {the winter beard is upon us…}


The winter beard is upon us; it’s mid-September and we have experienced our first cool down of the late summer season. With this temperature plummet cravings begin for Pumpkin and Chai tea latte’s, seasonal craft beers, bonfires in sweatshirts, and of course, our men start dabbling with the idea of developing a luscious winter beard.

Yes, it’s winter beard pre-season.

Men do care about their beard health; regardless of what they may admit. They do not want it scraggly or to have dry skin underneath. The essential oils used in this spray will assist with hair stimulation, blemishes, and moisturizing. It’s dual function is you can spray up near his hairline also.

If your man is not the type to get into ‘beauty rituals’ tell him these few simple words: oil and massage. You have just convinced him. This works. Every. Single. Time.

Ingredients for Beard Conditioning spray:

  • 1 oz. distilled water
  • 1/2 oz. hemp seed oil
  • 5 drops cedarwood essential oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 5 drops frankincense essential oil

Shake well before use. Apply about 4-5 spritzes and comb through with a quality beard comb to loosen up any dry skin underneath. Massage the oil into his skin underneath his beard.  Massage near his jawline, then up to his temples to soothe any tension areas.

This must be refrigerated because of the hemp seed oil.  It has a nice cooling effect according to my husband. Of course, always store in a dark colored glass bottle. I tend to be conservative when using essential oils, if you want a stronger spray, consult your dilution charts.

This can be used every day or a few times a week.  It will help his beard remain soft, full, and problem free during the colder seasons.

Why use these particular essential oils?

Cedarwood adds a woodsy aroma. It also promotes clear skin. [1]

Lavender is our super oil. Men love the scent, it’s relaxing and reduces stress and what prevents breakouts more than eliminating stress? It also soothes itchy and dry skin.

Frankincense promotes cellular health and ‘applying this oil topically may help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin.’ [2] [3]

Tea tree is good for fighting blemishes. It can be drying, but the hemp seed oil provides plenty of moisture to counteract any drying effects. Recall, hemp seed oil has a 0 non-comedogenic factor (it will not clog pores). Tea tree oil cleanses and wards off infection from any nicks or cuts if he shaves his neck area.

imageimageOf course, always spot test a small area before application.

To learn more about essential oils click here:


[1] Cedarwood EssentialOil



These comments have not been evaluated by the FDA. I am not a licensed physician. Always seek out high quality therapeutic grade oils and check for allergic reactions before full application.

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