Cement pumpkins {Simple Halloween craft}

Halloween- my all time favorite holiday. I was garage sale shopping in the early spring with my son, sourcing for ‘molds’ for cement crafts and we happened upon a few sales with plastic pumpkins. My son, of course, played with them for a week then tired of them.

In swoops mom to re-purpose. The plastic pumpkins worked great for a mold. However, it was slightly painstaking to cut the plastic away. Super cute, but a lot of effort. There had to be an easier way….



You will need:

  • Several glass vases or glass balls of various sizes
  • <Quikrete Cement (mortar mix is smoothest)- 10 lb bag
  • Foam craft squares
  • Safety goggles, gloves, and mask (Do not inhale cement dust)


  • Leftover baby yogurt container or fruit cup container
  • Red concrete dye
  • Cooking spray

Cost $10-20 depending on how many you make. Time: 30 minutes to make a few pumpkins


  1. Cut impressions for eyes and mouth from foam craft squares. Double them up so thicker. Don’t skip this step, you want deeper impressions, especially if you don’t plan to paint them.
  2. Tape foam cutouts very well on all sides of foam to the inside of the glass.

Optional Spray inside with cooking spray. This will help the glass break away from the cement easier.

3. Mix cement/mortar mix to the consistency of peanut butter, using instructions on bag. I would start with 5 cups cement mix and slowly add water to desired consistency.  Pour or scoop into glass slowly. Gently tap a few times to get air bubbles out.

Optional Add Dye: If you want to add the dye, add to water first, mix. Then add the cement powder to the colored water. The color is distributed better this way.

4. Allow cement to cure (dry) several days….

Optional make into a tea light holder. After cement sets up for about 5 minutes, firmly press a yogurt or fruit cup into top of mold to make an impression for a tea light. You can add rocks or quarters to weigh it down.


Cut foam shapes. Double up.


Tape to inside of glass. Tape very well.


Glass $2 at Goodwill  


You can use a leftover yogurt container to make an impression for a tea light.

5. Break Glass: Allow at least 3 days to dry. Wrap glass balls in a garbage bag or two (put on safety goggles and gloves) and gently break the glass away.

6. Cure (dry) an extra day or two, then paint as desired. Or leave them as-is for a rustic look. I preferred the rustic look, but to make them stand out for a street view, I decided to paint the eyes and mouth on several….


Cement gravestone: Mold made from plastic packaging leftover from a toy (reusing materials)! Simply cut out foam letters and press into cement after it sets up for about 20-30 minutes.

EASIER METHOD:  You can simply pour cement into glass balls. (No craft foam, no cutting or taping) and once broken from molds, spray paint white. Use black craft paint or a Sharpie marker (yes, I used a Sharpie) to draw the faces.  To avoid the paint from running, seal with a clear outdoor spray paint.


image image

You can use them year after year. Cement can also be spray painted or hand painted. Do not fret if something breaks, it adds to their charm…

The imperfections make them look worn and creepy!

imageimageTips:  The glossier, high stick tape works much better taping the foam cutouts to the inside of the glass. Double sided tape would also work.

As you pour the cement into the glassware you may think that the cutouts are getting ‘lost’ in the cement, but if you taped them very well, they will be fine.  You may have to ‘dig’ a little to get them out after the glass is broken.

If you go the route of using plastic store bought pumpkins some are thicker than others. The cheaper ones (thinner plastic) are easier to cut off. Before you pour the cement you can snip small ‘starter cut lines’ at the top of the pumpkin so it’s easier when you start cutting off.


Pumpkin made from plastic candy bucket. Red dye was mixed into cement. Spray painted sparingly with silver. Black acrylic paint for eyes/nose/mouth.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

Happy Haunting!

image image image

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