Felt Christmas Ornaments {with essential oil fragrance pocket}

imageI originally crafted this so I could make a baby mobile for a friend. The thought was make a pouch in the back of the felt animal so you could put a drop of Lavender essential oil on a cotton ball and it would serve as an easy “diffuser” for a relaxing scent to lure baby to sleep.

Well, the mobile never happened (I painted her a picture instead) but I realized these would make super cute Christmas Ornaments and a great way to “gift” an essential oil.

May I recommend the Christmas Spirit Blend by Young Living? It smells like an orangey, spiced cinnamon Christmas tree.  Fresh and heartwarming. It’s a very affordable blend and retails at only $13.49 ($10.25 Wholesale if you are a member). Feel free to join my team!

Everyone I know who has smelled this blend (yes, I chase around the women at work with essential oils!) has loved it.  I’ve heard Northern Lights Black Spruce smells amazing.


Oil could be placed on a cotton ball, cotton round, or you could even make a rice sachet.

You will need:

  • Cheap Felt
  • Ribbon
  • Thread/Needle/Scissors
  • Rivets for eyes (optional- you could also use felt circles)
  • Scrap fabric (optional for embellishing)

Feel free to print and share these patterns and ideas. I use the cheaper craft felt that you can purchase for a dollar per sheet.  If you use high quality scissors and cut slowly your felt should stay in tact. I’ve also made felt animals using yarn instead of thread; either will work.

Step 1: Cut your pattern times two.

image image

Step 2:  Cut and prep your “essential oil pocket.”

image image

Step 3: Cut out ears and any embellishments and sew on/add. Sew ribbon for hanging into interior of one of the sides. Don’t accidentally sew your two pieces together yet!

(Example: Add eyes to front piece only/ Sew essential oil pocket onto back piece only/Sew ribbon for hanging on the inside of one piece only). I used little black rivets for the eyes, so easy- no sewing required.

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Step 4: Stuff  and Sew edges together. I re-used stuffing from an old pillow.  You could reuse cut up pieces of an old sock or t-shirt too. (Recycle/Reuse whenever you can!)

image image

That’s it! Pretty simple. I cut the pattern one evening and did the sewing another evening. I would estimate it took about an hour and a half total.

image   image

Fox Pattern idea:

image   image

Owl and Cat Pattern ideas:  Bodies are the same. Owl head is round. Cat head triangle. Get creative. Think outside the box!

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Merry Christmas Fellow Crafters!  

Love, Genbumom



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