Gaining, Not Maintaining {Why I Don’t Mind the Extra Few Pounds}


This is why I’m not sweating the extra few pounds this holiday season.

I suppose I went into hibernation mode and just decided this year I would enjoy myself more. My children will only be this age once and I want to soak up everything holiday that I can without guilt. If the below describes you, this holiday enjoyment plan may be for you…

  1. I’m in a healthy weight range, I have no current health problems in regards to heart disease, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.
  2. I am continuing to work out a few times a week to keep my body healthy and immune system up through the winter cold and flu season.
  3. I have plenty of clothes that fit. The extra few pounds won’t create a need for new clothing purchases.
  4. I know how to lose 5 lbs. I can start this anytime, I want a break for the holidays!
  5. It’s not an excuse to eat processed junk, but it’s a great excuse to relax a little, take some extra time for making holiday crafts and hanging out with my family. So if we stop at a fast food chain after holiday shopping, eh.  We will live.  I have vowed that I will eat all the homemade vegan banana bread that I want.  Yum!
  6. I can heal up some joint related issues that I have from running so much this summer and fall.
  7. I am after all a Semi-Super Mommy. I have enough guilt in my life, (working mom guilt) without feeling poorly about myself for only a few extra pounds. It’s an unacceptable guilt.   There is enough entropy in life without that type of guilt.
  8. I will determine a goal date to ramp up my exercise starting soon, maybe within the next month.

I’m only up 2 or 3 lbs. and I’ve been relaxing (relaxing, not slacking- okay I’m slacking) the last month or so.  I have had a bit of an energy slump to be honest. I can definitely tell when I’m not at peak physical performance.  The few days I work out, I do truly feel better for it. It’s simply harder to motivate and I forgive myself for that.  It’s the holiday season and I love it.

This is a season for baking and making. For cuddling up. For watching Rudolf and The Grinch on repeat. For cozying up with a warm cup of Chai tea with sugary creamer,  a blanket  and a copy of Wuthering Heights.

Judge Me all You Want

Judge me all you want, I’m happy about this decision.  I wouldn’t recommend this approach to someone who is in the process of weight loss. I don’t wish to inspire a derailing of your goals. For some though, this is a viable option as long as you do it right. Stay active. Eat for hunger. Keep up on your fruits and veggies.

I’ve been taking the stairs more at work (4 double flights) and fitting in some planks at night, although my kids think I am “mommy bridge” and start crawling underneath me.  For an almost 35 year old , I’m extremely proud of what I’ve accomplished physically since having two children.

I am 25 lbs. lighter (fitter) than I was on my wedding day. I’m proud of every C-section scar on my body and every inch of muscle that I’ve worked to develop.  I eat healthy and organic based food as much as possible.  I am a proponent on the importance of sleep.  I do things to reduce stress (aromatherapy, exercise, forgiving myself for my imperfections, reading books, a beer or two with the hubs on a Friday night so we can “pretend” we are still “fun” people).

So that is why I’m not worried about those extra few pounds over the next month. Okay, cookies will transcend into muffin top and that extra bulge, well,  I know it’s coming soon…that sugar won’t do anything for my knee inflammation either.


On that note, I have a workout to fit in on my lunch break.  I’m going to feel great afterwards, accomplished, and fierce. If I want some tasty home-style ranch dressing on my organic greens and spinach salad tonight, I just may drizzle some. That healthier vinaigrette option will still be there in February.

I had some of those cookies picture above today. I *may* have had 3 of them. Judge me, please. They were delicious.  In my defense, I also ate oatmeal for breakfast, lemon water, vegetarian meatloaf, a salad, raspberries and a slice of French bread for lunch, and a banana for a snack. I’ll look like this again in March.




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