Syrian Refugee Assistance

Something struck a chord with me last fall in regards to the Syrian refugee crisis, perhaps I was able to somehow ‘picture’ myself in that situation with two children, seeking safety and shelter, trying to protect them. I cannot really and truly imagine however having to flee my home for religious or cultural persecution.

Videos of people from Samaritan’s Purse helping as refugees departed a raft in Greece  brought so much sorrow into my heart. I also felt inspired by the people I witnessed helping. A surge rose up in my body, an energy. I couldn’t sit idle anymore.  I have  much respect for the volunteers that provide medical attention and provide social service care to the families who are arriving on the shores of Greece daily. Refugees are also arriving in other parts of the world via land, but escaping to Greece is a dangerous route as it’s via water. Once in Greece, they often must walk to their destination and safety camps.

“Refugees can end up walking hundreds of miles to their asylum destinations. They desperately need a safer, more comfortable way to carry their babies and toddlers.” – Carry the Future site.

I cannot do much from where I sit in Indiana and I don’t have much money to give but I do have time, resources, and social media to spread the word.

I’m currently collecting donations of gently used soft-structured baby carriers, like Baby Bjorns to send to Carry the Future, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sending carriers and volunteers to help fit parents with carriers. (NO wraps) They must be able to be quickly-fitted and instructions given. Often they only have a few minutes to fit the parent.  Carry the Future also accepts money donations and provides relief packs if you wish to donate towards that area.


Simply wrap the carrier (loose plastic wrap if you can) and ship to the address below.   You may also add a small soft toy, pair of socks,  hat, or mittens, and a handwritten note or picture of hope for the family.

You can contribute directly. You can send a new or used baby wearing carrier to:

Carry the Future

121 West Lexington Drive

Suite L, 106D

Glendale, CA 91203

I’m excited to say I have 5 carriers so far and one person who has promised to ship hers directly.

I wish I could see the faces of the parents relief in person when they receive these carriers. A simple but much needed assistance to help them carry their children to safety. .

I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about this worthwhile cause. I cannot even pretend to be an expert, but what I do know is NO child deserves to suffer while trying to escape violence and a war torn home. Regardless of your religious or political affiliations to see a child in a desperate situation is simply horrible and humanitarian efforts are necessary. I urge you to try to put yourself in a similar situation; a civil war and lack of safety is always a reason to seek a safe haven for your family. Always.


Migrant Crises Explained:


Image courtesy of

Resettlement plan

Tensions in the EU have been rising because of the disproportionate burden faced by some countries, particularly Greece, Italy and Hungary where migrants have been arriving by boat and overland.

In September, EU ministers voted by a majority to relocate 120,000 refugees EU-wide, but for now the plan will only apply to 66,000 who are in Italy and Greece.

The other 54,000 were to be moved from Hungary, but now this number will be held “in reserve”, until the governments decide where they should go.”

How many migrants die?

The voyage from Libya to Italy is longer and more hazardous. According to the IOM, more than 2,800 migrants are reported to have died trying to make the crossing this year – altogether, 3,406 people have died in the Mediterranean in 2015. [1]


  1. Dec. 16, 2015: Migrant Crisis: Migration to Europe Explained in Graphics.

One thought on “Syrian Refugee Assistance

  1. Genbumom says:

    In a bit of irony. I received some paperwork on my husband’s side of the family that they were refugees that left Germany during the Franco-German war to escape religious persecution in the 1800’s. Three brothers over. Their father died on the ship on the way here. America is comprised not only of native born peoples, but of refugees, traveler’s, explorers, and immigrants: All PEOPLE seeking freedom to raise their families.


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