Simple Health & Happiness Tips!

We will start with health and work our way up to wellness and happiness! I’ve been wanting to post this for a while, going back through drafts, I stumbled across this list I had started. I hope you enjoy!img_7180

Eat a salad every day.  There are so many vitamins packed into healthy greens and vegetables such as vitamin A, C, K as well as iron and calcium.

Choose Organic.  Choose color varieties and the more color (dark green, red, purple) the better. Always add a protein source- (almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, cooked or skillet- fried tempeh or black beans). Add sweet peppers, tomatoes, or oranges for vitamin c to boost the iron absorption from your salad.  Add Kale- a superfood. I add Kale to just about everything,- even taco or tuna casseroles.

 Avoid artificial ingredients or colorings in your salad dressing choices. Read the label. Why eat kale if you smother it in yellow dye #5?

Drink Lemon Water Daily. Warm lemon water first thing in the morning to boost your vitamin C for the day and start your metabolism. Lemon has additional detoxifying and alkaline effects on the body. It detoxes the kidneys and liver.  If warm lemon water sounds gross to you, try cold lemonade:

Homemade Single Lemonade (my son loves this one- he likes to mix it up!)  16 oz. water + 1 whole  lemon’s juice + 2 packets or 1 tsp.  organic Stevia in the Raw.  Add ice.   Drink up!

 Probiotics!  Read my article here on probiotics and why you should take them every day to maintain a healthy immune system and digestion.

imageEat organic. Avoid toxins in your foods by avoiding the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables. I always buy organic of these certain fruits and veggies. If they are not in stock in organic, I buy something else. Organic dairy and meat is a must also- to avoid growth hormones.

Essential Oils. Of course! We use oils for relaxation or an energy boost. We avoid OTC medication by using oils for headache or digestion relief. They are excellent for skin care.

Stretch or yoga. My college yoga instructor stated when we are young our muscles are like saplings-green and bendable but as we grow older the muscles become tight and more like hard wood or a tree trunk. Staying flexible relieves tension and joint issues as you age. Yoga can help you maintain tone and muscle mass. Let alone the relaxation benefits…

 Sleep 7-8 hours a night.   Prep for a proper night by turning off electronic devices an hour before bedtime. Commit to do something relaxing like yoga, stretching, reading a book or easy meal prep for the next day most nights of the week. 

Any rhythmic activity, like quietly folding laundry or breathing techniques will help you wind down. Melatonin supplements help some fall asleep and it’s a natural alternative to prescription sleep aids. (Always check with your medical doctor first!)

Sleep helps us maintain a healthy weight and keeps our skin looking youthful!

Use Non- Toxic products. What we put on your skin absorbs into our bodies. Our skin is the largest organ and a permeable membrane. Treat it accordingly. Non-toxic can be very affordable if you buy simple and in bulk. Coconut oil  can be used in your hair, for your nail health, eye makeup remover, and in cooking. 

11209565_10205551722285680_6789991124190063327_n Be a kid again!  Color,  eat ice cream for breakfast, dance like a fool with your kids, write a funny poem, or walk around  barefoot in your backyard. I can be serious at work, but at home it’s better to let loose. 

Be mindful. Live in the moment. Develop a mantra if you need help living in the moment, such as “Focus on the here and now” or “Enjoy this moment as it is.” Recite it anytime you feel your mind stray. Try using your five senses to enjoy the now. What do I see, hear, smell? What can I touch or taste?

Get outside daily. Take a work-break walk.  Park far away in the parking lot at work and enjoy the walk to and from your car, sit out back on your porch, or choose a restaurant where you can dine outdoors.

Write down your 2 top worries today, then  let them go. If you cannot change it, you cannot control it, and you need to let it go! You cannot change someone else, but you CAN change your reaction.

Write an appreciation list. One thing you are grateful for today (opening the windows and getting fresh air in the house today, a big hug from your spouse or child, a hilarious text from a friend, fresh gelato, getting your favorite magazine in the mail).

 Give a hug, ask for a hug, tell someone you love them today. You never know when it is the last time you may see someone.  Humans are pack animals, we desire touch and closeness. Don’t let the world or stressors get in the way.


Do something spiritual.  I don’t care what your affiliations are, anyone can say a prayer from your holy book, say a mantra, or say a blessing of thanks to the trees. Connect to something bigger than yourself.

Find serenity in seeking your own truth, what do you find solace and deep connection with a higher power in doing? Church? A walk in nature?  It’s all a valid way to give thanks and live a satisfied life- to feel and know you are part of something greater.  There is such beauty to be found in spiritual connections.

Do something creative or out of the ordinary. If anyone told me 3 years ago I’d be cement crafting using recycled plastics or writing a blog, I probably would have laughed. I have energy for it though because I take care of myself.  Once you start creativity it usually leads to more, so start small and you never know where it may lead you to!

img_7214  img_7141  image

Hope you enjoy these simple Genbumom tips! We can’t be perfect all of the time, so simply do your best!

What do you do to maintain your health, wellness, and happiness?


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