DIY Lighted Birdhouses

These lighted birdhouses are an easy weekend afternoon project. If mounting them on the wall doesn’t suit you they would look really cute on a shelf in your kids room.

My son enjoyed painting them and using a butterfly punch on the scrapbook paper.

img_9510-3 img_9458

The lights are batter operated LED lights- so no cords required. You just press and stick inside the birdhouses. No need to  do any fancy-pants lighting work. More power to all you go-getters out there but this mommy had other things to do that afternoon.

Fulcrum 30010-301 LED Battery-Operated Stick-On Tap Light, Silver, 3 Pack

You can decorate easily with paper cutouts and decoupage glue.

The trickiest part was the yellow birdhouse- it was too small to cut a hole in the back so I had to pry off the top shingles, then glue them back on. No big deal it just took longer than I thought and a small nail holding the shingles on punctured my finger.  My son graciously fetched me a Hello Kitty band-aid.

 img_9504-2 img_9453img_9509-1

The blue birdhouse- I sawed off the bottom. The peachy-pink house I  cut a hole in the back using a kitchen knife. Probably not my most brilliant safety moment, but it worked. I need to invest in a small craft saw, like this one from X-Acto. Xacto X75350 Extra Fine Razor Saw Set

If I had to do it again, I’d simply saw the bottom off all three houses from the start. The blue one had the best lighting- the light shone  through the front hole and also the bottom and looked very cool!

I purchased these for $3 each at a Meijer store, so no re purposing here. I’m sure you could find several bird houses to your liking to reuse from a flea market or garage sale.  Simply sand off  existing paint and re-finish.  If I had more patience, I would have gone flea market shopping to find my houses!

img_9552 img_9480-1

It was finalized and looked “complete” only once I painted the wall to bring it together. You can find stencils at craft stores, or just go for it and free hand it like I did. The kids were warned under no circumstance does this mean they can paint or color on our walls!

The final result was very cute and fits perfectly in my daughters bird-themed yellow and teal bedroom decor!



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