Album Inspired: DIY Light UpWall Art 

This is a fairly easy project- you just need a lot of patience for the stenciling.

I purchased these pine wood boards at Menards for $2.99 each, I was not sure at the time what I would use them for, but I had wanted to paint a quote from my favorite Lord Huron Song: La Belle Fleur Sauvage for quite some time now. (Song lyrics at end of this post)

When I told my idea to the hubs, he wanted one also and we ended up deciding  to make them both our favorite album and songs from those albums.  The Radiohead one, I can admit the letter design/pattern was borrowed from a graphic he found on the internet.

I did have to free-hand the album names.  I wanted them similar to the album texts.

  • Step 1: Stain in a light beachy wood color- one solid color.
  • Step 2: Allow to dry overnight, add a second (darker color stain) around the edges to give an antique finish.
  • Step 3: Stencil on (I used acrylics) your song titles. I had two different fonts I used. Use a ruler to make sure your lines are straight and to ensure you have plenty of room for your song titles.
  • Step 4:  Securely duck tape battery operated LED light to the back. Position so they are easy to reach back and turn on/off.
  • Step 5: Add TWO saw tooth hangers to the top of each board to keep very sturdy. They do stick out a little from the wall due to the lights on the back and the battery pack, but it  looks good. Use very long nails to anchor in the wall.

Tip for stenciling: Do not use too much paint and apply sparingly.  I do not use sponges.  I used a flat, medium sized paintbrush.  Slow and steady wins the game here.  Be patient! Remove the stencil off carefully.  It took me three nights of stenciling to complete but it was fun listening to music, drinking my favorite IPA, and stenciling. Like anything in life- it may not be perfect and you can hardly notice the imperfections.

My husband and I both chose our favorite albums: Mine is Lord Huron’s Strange Trails and his is Radiohead’s  In Rainbows.  

The first concert the hubs and I ever saw together was Radiohead circa 2008. Don’t ask me to post any pictures because we were having a little too much fun that night!

I saw Lord Huron with my friend Angela last year at the Vogue. Both were excellent concerts. If you cannot appreciate Radiohead as artists or try listening to some  alternative folk like Lord Huron we cannot be friends!


Add your LED lights- space evenly, secure well with duck tape, and close to edges!

Looks great even when not lighted!

I think this could make for an amazing Father’s day project. Think  wall art for the “man cave” or his media room.

What is your favorite artist or album?

Lyrics from La Belle Fleur Sauvage from the Album Strange Trails, by Lord Huron:

La Belle Fleur Sauvage

By Lord Huron

What you’re looking for won’t be found easily
It grows upon the mountain in a sacred place
Up beyond the clouds, in ancient ground, so they say
And many men have died trekking up that away

Once he’s gazed upon her, a man is forever changed
The bravest men return with darkened hearts and phantom pain
Ages come and go but her life goes on the same
She lives to see the sun and feel the wind and drink the rain

Her colors change to mark the passing of the days
No Earthly sight can match the beauty she displays
And when I die I want her lying by my side
In my grave, in my grave

I’d give it all to love that girl
I’ll be the one to pluck that fleur

I’m meant to find the place where all good things begin
To smell her scent and watch her dancing in the wind
And when I die I want her lying by my side
In my grave, in my grave

I’d give it all to love that girl
I’ll be the one to pluck that fleur
I’d give it all to love that girl
I’ll be the one to pluck that fleur

Songwriters: BEN SCHNEIDER

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