DIY Birdhouse Fence

Ever see the scrap wood bins at the hardware? Ever see someone toss perfectly good wood out next to their trash? I literally stopped and picked up wood from a pile next to someone’s trash (not in the trash-that’s gross, next to it!) It was perfectly good wood and I didn’t want it wasted in a dump.

The company I work for was doing construction and they left out unwanted wood beams for employees to take if they wanted. I just made sure I went to that floor regularly to see what they had available.

Using the unwanted wood, I made this birdhouse fence using an idea I saw on Pinterest.  I paid $4  (scrap wood at the hardware store) total for the middle posts (the birdhouses) and the other wood on the side and back was all reclaimed (free).

The key for the bird house “roofs” are that one block is longer than the other…  how they need to match up to form the peak? The one on the left is longer than the one on the right.

*Use the width of the wood to determine how much shorter the “shorter” side should be.*

To make the holes we used a drill with a very large drill bit.  I then spray painted in a few random colors, leaving a few unpainted.

The unpainted wood I stained so it weathers better outside.  Clear coat paint or spray the entire fence as well if you wish. Or if you are not a fan of aerosol sprays (bad for the environment!) you can buy clear coat and paint on.

I used wood glue to anchor (allow to dry) and then  used long thin nails to hammer the roofs to the posts.  This part was a little tricky and one of my roofs came apart and I had to re-nail it.  However, the roof tops are very stable and secure to the wood beams.

Drill small holes and insert cut dowel rods for the bird “perches.”


I put this in back of my butterfly garden to attract Monarchs  (we planted butterfly weed, milkweed, zinnias and Mexican sunflowers from a native plant sale) and I may put some bird trinkets on it.  I’ll scour flea markets and garage sales this spring!  I think it would be super cute with Ivy or a flowering vine growing up and through it too.

I planted some Giant sunflower seeds behind it, hopefully they grow very tall behind the fence this summer!

You can paint all the beams for a more finished look, I wanted it to look more basic.

What are your thoughts?


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