Small Loft Space- Big Pop Art Presence!

I do appreciate a  pop and graphic art presence, especially when done “right.” In my opinion- this apartment décor nails it.  Read below for some tips on making a small space wow your guests!  Take a moment to place your vote if you love Molly and Cass’s space.

My favorite part is the eclectic use of various graphic/color pillows. Don’t be afraid of color in your home! Use neutral basics (like couches and chairs) and liven it up with wall art, interesting sculptures, plants, and textiles.


Name: Molly and Cass

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Square Feet: 645
Division: Little


What I Love About My Small Home:

The aspect of our home that is the most endearing to us is that it feels cozy yet surprisingly roomy at the same time.

At 645 square feet, we obviously aren’t going to get lost in the space, but with white walls, an open concept floor plan, large windows, natural light, and tall ceilings, the illusion of space is incredibly on point. We actually never feel as though we are on top of one another or trapped.



Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space:

Don’t be too eclectic: Choosing a distinct style is going to serve you well. You can stay cohesive and not too static by adding textures and layers. Uniformity actually offers flexibility because items can be moved from zone to zone, and the overall look won’t be compromised.

Use one color palette: If each zone has a unique color palette, the zones (and the space as a whole) will seem smaller because of the lack of flow. Keeping the colors in check also gives flexibility; moving a pillow from the sofa to the bed is a beautiful and painless thing!

Resist multiple rugs: In a small, open space, it is tempting to go overboard with zoning. But when you’re not dealing with a lot of floor space, multiple rugs chop up it up. Going rugless shows off the floors and opens things up. Admittedly, some zones need a rug to ground them. We opted for a rug under the coffee table, but chose one with a fluid shape and in the same color family as the flooring. It is there, but it isn’t.



Go to You can place your vote for your favorite apartment! By the way, I personally know Molly and she is an amazing and interesting lady! I was super impressed by this décor.

I’m sure she would appreciate your vote!  There are several categories, such as International, Tiny, Little, and Small.

Happy Decorating!

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