Summer Project Series: {Trash to Treasure}

My summer project series will focus on taking trash to treasure. Accept old furniture from relatives or scour garage sales and flea markets for trash that you can turn into a unique art project!

How-to’s will be posted over the next month or two. For now, here are some teaser pictures.

DIY Bird Feeder

Made with garage sale gazebo, found scrap wood, and dowel rods.


Pumpkin Trellis

Made with scrap wood, quarter round, and twine.



Antique Clock Makeover

Made with spray paint, craft paper, and antique mall skeleton keys.


Old-Fashioned Sweet Shoppe

Made with hand-me-down potato/onion bin, scrap wood, store bought wood, dowel rod – painted candy sticks, painted craft blocks, recycled fruit jars, decorative duck tape, dollar and flea market-store mason jars, and a lot of painting.

The process…


Join me in my summer creativity journey! You are in for a few hours of sweat and work but also a lot of DIY satisfaction!

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