Antique Clock Makeover {Trash to Treasure: Project #1}

This really is one of the simplest (and cutest) trash to treasure projects I’ve completed.   I found this clock at a flea market tent sale for $1.  Yes, a $1! At first glance it looked useless (the clock face was modern looking), it was copper colored, and rusted in a few spots, but  it was structurally sound and had an antique look.


Here’s the How-to:

Step 1: Buff out any rusted spots with fine sand paper and then spray paint the color of your choice. I used off-white.

Step 2: Cut out clock face cover with thick paper stock, like a craft paper or scrapbook paper. This is the same paper I used for the Upcycled Nightstand for my daughter’s room.

Apply back side with Mod Podge. Press and stick and smooth out any air bubbles. Allow to dry fully.

Step 3:  Use a high bonding glue, like Locktite Stick and Seal, to glue on the skeleton keys.   Loctite Stik’N Seal

Step 4:  Decorate more?  I debated adding more items, like painting on roman numerals but for now I’m leaving it as-is.

I think several of these on a shelf would look really cute. I’m on the hunt for more clocks!

For the keys: I paid $4 each at a small antique shop. (Always stop at small antique stores on a whim, you never know what you may find!). She has the best skeleton key collection I’ve ran across!

However, you can also purchase at craft stores and get more for less money. See link below for a set of 40 skeleton keys.  I love to repurpose however, so I picked up several keys to use for future projects.


Items needed for this project. Click on the Amazon Links below or visit the Genbumom Amazon Store

Aokbean Mixed Set of 30 Vintage Skeleton Keys in Antique Bronze – Set of 30 Keys

K&Company 12-Inch by 12-Inch Best of K Paper Pad, 360 Sheet
Echo Park Paper Company Homemade with Love kit

 Loctite 1252795 Stik’N Seal

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