Small Shelf Refinish Project

Super easy project for anyone with a screwdriver and some paint!

I bought this little shelf at a flea market for a few dollars. I have found them elsewhere, like a local Goodwill, so just go bargain hunting! You will find one eventually.

This project was very easy.  I made this as a gift for my mother for her birthday.

  • Carefully remove all ‘stair’ posts, unscrew any hardware, etc
  • Add a saw tooth hanger on the back (if necessary- mine already had one), add fresh knobs (mine  knobs are from Hobby Lobby).  If you use their 40% off coupons it offsets the $5 per knob cost.
  • We did have to saw off the metal part of the knobs, as they were too long. A hacksaw and elbow grease will do the trick.
  • Sand off any existing lacquer.
  • Paint white and then distress by using medium grit sandpaper.



Fill old mugs or cups with dirt and succulents and put on the shelf!

This is a great way to re-purpose old chipped mugs. Even better if they have sentimental value! I cannot take credit for this idea, my mother came up with it!

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