Happy Parenting: Why Spanking is Outdated and Harmful to Children

Inspired, Natural and Creative

My husband has always said, “I cannot think of one thing my child would do that would be so bad that  I would ever hit them. I’m a grown man, they are a child.”  He also will typically go on to state, if I ever did spank them, it would be out of anger and that is simply wrong and selfish.

Any discussion he has with parents that spank- he asks them: “Tell me one good thing that results from spanking your child that talking to them [or disciplining other ways] couldn’t result in?”

He is typically met with no response.   I think he sometimes hears, “It never hurt me any” or “It stops them” sometimes.  No, really, I would stop if I was hit too.  Great response.

“Thirty-two countries prohibit physical punishment of children by parents or caregivers, but the practice is allowed in the United States and Canada. The American Academy of…

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